NetForecast Reports

Internet Usage Meter Accuracy Audit Reports:

An independent and trusted validation of broadband data traffic

Internet data usage meters are complex systems, with many components that must function well together. Often these components come from a mix of vendors, with home-grown elements added in. This can lead to compatibility problems, creating a host of issues for subscribers, service providers and regulators.

Proactive transparency through unbiased measurement is critical to understand and correct data usage overcounting, or undercounting, of a service provider's meter.

NetForecast independently audits the accuracy of network service providers' data usage meters, to ensure subscribers are billed fairly, while enabling service providers to quickly correct any system inaccuracies. Monthly reports are provided to our service provider customers, to help them stay on top of variances and correct issues, before they impact customer satisfaction. Public meter status reviews, with accuracy results, are posted here annually.

Industry Reports:

Strategic insights into broadband performance and internet usage accuracy