Meter accuracy matters -protect your customers, and your business


Subscribers expect accurate billing. ISPs need to identify meter system accuracy issues. We collect precise counts of upstream and downstream traffic to uncover discrepancies.


Insight into the causes of inaccurate meter readings leads to improved network quality. Based on millions of audit measurements and real-time data, we identify where error conditions occur.


Ongoing meter validation shows under- and over-counting trends. Pinpoint the times, locations, and conditions that may contribute to inaccurate billing or revenue leakage.


Monthly status reviews provide actionable data. Show you care about assuring billing accuracy and have a third-party validate the reliability of your data usage meter.

Measure and Verify Data Usage Accuracy

Internet data usage meters are complex systems, with many components that must function well together. With data integrated from multiple subsystems, there are a variety of factors that can lead to inaccurate measurements, such as system upgrades and software changes, overloaded servers, and downstream packet losses that cause overcounting due to retransmissions.

With meter error rates averaging upwards of 13% – can you afford to not validate the accuracy of your usage meters?Overcharging or undercharging subscribers can cost your business – not only in lost revenue, but also brand reputation. NetForecast helps service providers pinpoint the times, locations, and conditions that may have contributed to over- or under-reporting, while enabling them to correct these issues before they multiply and impact customer relations – or the bottom line.

Meter Accuracy Validation Service

Continuously monitor meter accuracy to help proactively detect and correct meter system accuracy problems. For over a decade we have certified data usage for 80% of the US wireline Internet subscribers, and currently analyze millions of meter data records per month.

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Meter Accuracy Reports

NetForecast documents validation results in a monthly report that provides actionable information. We also provide a year-end meter status review, and we document the accuracy results in a public audit report once each year.

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