You Can Only Improve What You Measure

Gain insight and actionable data about your inflight connectivity service by continuously monitoring the user experience—at the seat level.

To keep passengers happy and flight crews productive, airlines can no longer settle for IFC providers that over promise and under deliver. But if you ask them for specifics, you’ll likely see their “end-to-end” data stops at the antenna or ground station.

QMap Inflight collects real-time data, continually running tests from gate to gate.

Using minimal bandwidth, it works in the background—on crew and/or passenger smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Aggregating all user data with flight position and altitude, QMap creates a range of insightful reports
on end-to-end connectivity performance.

  • Gather real-time performance metrics on the actual user experience
  • Hold providers accountable to their SLAs and negotiate better—or entirely new—contracts
  • Quickly identify network performance issues
  • Compare IFC providers to determine which provides the best service
  • Pinpoint trouble spots on various flight paths to inform decisions on how to improve
  • Better prepare for inevitable demand surges during peak travel times
  • Enable proactive compensation for a poor passenger experience

Measuring and Rating QoE

Unlike service providers who just measure QoS, we calculate QoE, accounting for what users are actually doing. QMap Inflight tracks four key metrics that directly affect satisfaction levels:

  • Latency
  • Packet loss
  • DNS lookup times
  • Effective bandwidth

Get real data on the actual quality of experience 

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