We measure internet experience quality.


When it comes to internet connectivity, customer expectations include reliable access and a consistently good experience.

NetForecast measures and assesses the real end-to-end internet user experience. Providing unbiased and reliable insights empowers network service providers to improve quality of experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

Since 1999, NetForecast has been providing in-depth analysis and reporting on internet performance, enabling network service providers to detect and resolve network latency and other performance issues.

At a time when digital connectivity matters more than ever, NetForecast helps ensure the best possible user experience quality across an increasingly complex ecosystem of partners.

We also audit and report on the accuracy of internet data usage meters.


Rebecca Wetzel

President and CEO

Peter Sevcik

Founder, Chairman Emeritus

Andy Lacy

Chief Data Scientist

Alan Jones

Chief Technologist

Forrest Workman

Lead Program Manager

Heikki Taavettila

Sr. Software Architect

Stephan Cost

DevOps Specialist

Raj Mehta

Data Analyst

Jake Kinzie

Data Analyst

Erica Williams

Software Engineer

Nelson Chen

Software Engineer

Ruth Anne Davis

Business Manager

Jai Abrams

Intern – Software Engineer


James Kane

Member of the Board

Gary Tauss

Member of the Board