NetForecast is looking for K-12 and college student volunteers to participate in an eLearning Internet quality assessment study.

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Improve Quality of Experience

Pinpoint and resolve performance issues like latency and packet loss, while managing service level agreement accountability.

Increase Business Profitability

Proactively detect and correct data usage meter inaccuracies to prevent billing errors or lost revenue.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Discover, measure, locate and resolve internet connectivity issues before they impact customer expectations or brand reputation.

Broadband Performance

SPEED IS OVER - latency and bandwidth are the usual culprits behind slow internet connections. In most cases, we all have plenty of bandwidth, but the time it takes data to travel from point A to point B with its various stops along the way is what creates latency.

NetForecast empowers service providers to monitor, measure and resolve end-to-end connectivity issues for greater customer experience.

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NetForecast is the only third-party provider validating end-to-end usage meter accuracy and verifying broadband service performance for the transportation, cable, mobile, fixed line and satellite communities.

Internet Usage Accuracy

Every service provider depends on data usage meters to protect the network and measure the level of bandwidth being delivered to its customers. But meter accuracy issues are difficult to detect, and new issues appear constantly.

NetForecast enables service providers to connect, analyze, validate and report on ongoing data usage to increase billing accuracy, identify revenue leakage and correct network issues before they become an issue for its customers.

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NetForecast certifies our IP Detail Record (IPDR) system is accurately collecting, measuring and reporting data usage.

- Kishore Reddy, Cable ONE Vice President of Product Support Development


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