Internet Latency Matters!

Press Release: New NetForecast Service Monitors Airline Passenger Wi-Fi Experience

In advance of a Department of Transportation proposal to mandate fee refunds when inflight Wi-Fi “doesn’t work,” NetForecast is launching a new service to independently and proactively monitor passenger Wi-Fi experience quality—enabling airlines to identify and correct Wi-Fi performance issues...

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Check out NetForecast’s Q2 2021 Internet Latency Benchmark Report.

This is the latest in our quarterly report series scoring internet latency experienced by users in the US by major metropolitan area and by major ISP. The Q2 2021 report covers April through June of 2021.

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Daily US Internet Latency Performance Tracker

Application Performance Index (Apdex) methodology combines latency and loss into a single score.  Our live feeds update daily.

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Broadband Performance

SPEED IS OVER - latency and bandwidth are the usual culprits behind slow internet connections. In most cases, we all have plenty of bandwidth, but the time it takes data to travel from point A to point B with its various stops along the way is what creates latency.

NetForecast empowers service providers to monitor, measure and resolve end-to-end connectivity issues for greater customer experience.

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Internet Usage Accuracy

Every service provider depends on data usage meters to protect the network and measure the level of bandwidth being delivered to its customers. But meter accuracy issues are difficult to detect, and new issues appear constantly.

NetForecast enables service providers to connect, analyze, validate and report on ongoing data usage to increase billing accuracy, identify revenue leakage and correct network issues before they become an issue for its customers.

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