Keep Cellular Providers Accountable and Ground Ops Humming

With QMap Airport continuously monitoring network performance, gain full visibility into actionable data to improve communications on the ground.

With QMap Airport, a lightweight mobile app, your operations team can:

  • Gather real-time performance metrics on cellular and Wi-Fi networks from employee devices
  • Minimize late departures, slower turns, and lost revenue caused by poor connectivity interfering with your team members’ ability to do their jobs
  • Hold providers accountable to their SLAs and negotiate better—or entirely new—contracts
  • Pinpoint trouble spots and identify network resources needed for personnel to work efficiently and productively
  • Compare providers to determine the best service available at any given airport
  • Better prepare for inevitable demand surges during peak travel times
  • Access and customize a range of detailed reports from a powerful web portal

Get all the performance data you need but your cellular provider can’t deliver.

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A Powerful Dashboard

See color-coded performance ratings, at a glance, for every airport where you have QMap deployed.

Parse all the available data the way you need it, using a range of easily accessible filters, including airport, employee group and service provider.

Learn more about all the insightful reports available through the dashboard in a demo.

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