Stephan Cost

DevOps Specialist

Stephan is a DevOps Specialist, and provides a range of responsibilities both in a cloud based and traditional dedicated server managed hosting environment for NetForecast. The services include Cloud Computing Engineering, Networking Engineering, Software / Application Development, Data Collection and Embedded Development.

As a Cloud Computing Engineer his specialties include system design, implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft WCF infrastructures.

In the role as a Computer Network Specialist, Stephan uses his skill set to analyze, define, draft, build, and maintain a variety of data communication networks for NetForecast cloud environments, embedded devices, data collecting applications and systems.

As an Application Developer Stephan has created new applications and code solutions as well as architected, enhanced, improved, and tested various computer programs and applications for NetForecast.

Computing Expertise:

  • Application Development: Code creation, improvement, enhancement, testing and maintenance.
  • Major Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, C#, T-SQL
  • Platforms: Linux, Windows.
  • Cloud Systems Architecture: AWS and Microsoft cloud environments (WCF SaaS).
  • Systems Automation: Process automation for embedded systems and devices.
  • Data Collection: Database Engineer / Administration SQL and NoSQL