Gary Tauss

Member of the Board

Gary Tauss has over 30 years experience in the founding, growth, and management of technology businesses.  He was involved with the Internet in its early stages in the late 1970s and 1980s.  He has been involved in 6 startups in wireless technology, internet access, telephony over broadband, internet infrastructure, and has served on the boards of numerous companies in the semiconductor, Internet, and social media spaces.  He has spent most of his career in Boston and Silicon Valley although he has lived in London, England, Los Angeles, and Vancouver BC.  Gary currently lives in Huntsville, AL.

Gary Tauss has served as a member of the Quicklogic (QUIK:NASDAQ) Board of Directors since June 2002.  Mr. Tauss is currently a Principal at Accelevate Inc., a consulting firm focusing on bringing Lean Startup principles to large organizations.  Mr. Tauss also serves as a board member for Hootsuite Inc, a social media dashboard company and tagga Media Inc, a cross channel marketing company.  Mr. Tauss is also a board member of the Huntsville Angel Network, the area’s largest angel investor.  Mr. Tauss frequently consults to governments and large network providers on matters of network performance and policy.  Mr. Tauss has also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Mobidia Technology, InfiniRoute Networks Inc., LongBoard Inc., and TollBridge Technologies Inc. Mr. Tauss was Vice President and General Manager of Ramp Networks, Inc., Prior to Ramp Networks Mr. Tauss served as VP/General Manager of GTE Spacenet (now Verizon), as CEO of NCI, and Executive Director of BBN Communications.  Mr. Tauss earned both a B.S. and an M.B.A. degree from the University of Illinois.