NetForecast Announces Inflight Connectivity Experience Monitoring Solution for Airlines and Suppliers

NetForecast launches IFC solution to measure passengers’ end-to-end internet connectivity experience

September 9, 2019 – Reston, Virginia – NetForecast Inc. (“NetForecast”), an independent provider of broadband performance and internet usage accuracy solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of NetForecast QMap(sm) for IFC, an Inflight Connectivity (IFC) experience monitoring solution. Airlines and their suppliers can now understand, manage, and tune an IFC service to deliver the best possible passenger experience.

The NetForecast QMap for IFC solution leverages NetForecast’s 20+ year history of measuring the quality and accuracy of internet services. The solution provides a breakdown of the passenger experience by individual flight and the type of application used. Airlines, network service providers, and system vendors are enabled to quickly ascertain the location of performance issues and resolve them before they impact passenger IFC satisfaction.

“Customer expectations for quality internet access are beginning to align, whether people are on the ground or in the air. With little tolerance for passenger dissatisfaction in the highly competitive airline industry, companies must meet or exceed passenger expectations for high-quality inflight connectivity. The first step is to know what passengers are experiencing when using inflight connectivity services. We help by measuring the passengers’ actual in-seat connectivity experience from gate to gate – and reporting our measurements by application type, in the context of what a passenger would consider an acceptable experience,” said NetForecast CEO, Rich Evans. “Going beyond surveys and testing each component of the service– back all the way to the server source including the land network routing, is critical for measuring the experience for passengers. We look statistically at each ‘leg’ of the service so it can be understood, and this provides key information as to where issues lie.”

Key benefits of the NetForecast QMap for IFC solution include:

  • IFC experience visibility – QMap for IFC measures quality of experience at the seat level to capture passenger’s gate-to-gate IFC experience
  • Comprehensive insights – QMap for IFC captures end-to-end latency, packet loss, jitter, DNS lookup, traffic routing and effective bandwidth data across all network segments through which data traffic passes
  • Actionable analysis – QMap for IFC documents the passenger experience by application type and its sensitivity to network performance, enabling network service providers and system vendors to deliver the best performance for the apps most relevant to passengers
  • World-class passenger satisfaction – real-time insights allow airlines to quickly get to the root cause of performance issues and improve the quality of experience and enhance passenger satisfaction

To learn more about the NetForecast QMap for IFC experience monitoring solution, visit NetForecast at the APEX EXPO at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 9-12, 2019. As a key contributor to the APEX Connectivity Working Group (CWG), NetForecast will be participating in the presentation of the CWG document “Evaluating the Passenger Connectivity Experience”; a guide prepared to help airlines and IFC suppliers when developing and evaluating IFC systems. All APEX members are free to attend this presentation on Wednesday, September 11, 7:30 – 8:45 AM PDT in Room 404B on the 2nd level of the LA Convention Center.

To learn more about NetForecast’s capabilities for measuring data accuracy and quality of experience, visit or contact us for more information.