QMap Inflight ConnectivityExperience Monitoring

IFC Passenger Experience: Quality Matters

Airline passengers’ expectations for quality inflight Internet access are growing and influencing travel decisions. To remain competitive, airlines must meet or exceed passenger expectations for inflight connectivity (IFC).

The first step to address customer expectations for quality is to know what passengers are experiencing. This requires continuous end-to-end measurement of passengers’ actual in-seat connectivity experience from gate to gate—and using that information to understand, manage, and tune the IFC service to deliver the best possible passenger experience.

NetForecast QMap: End-to-End Customer Experience Monitoring

NetForecast introduces QMap for IFC – an inflight connectivity experience monitoring application for today’s customer-centric airlines and suppliers.

Via the QMap IFC mobile application, NetForecast performs active tests throughout a passenger’s flight, capturing end-to-end latency, loss, jitter, DNS lookup, and effective bandwidth data. Connectivity performance and contextual data, such as flight location and altitude, is continuously uploaded to the QMap analytics engine while passengers are connected to the Internet.

The QMap analytics engine catalogs the passenger’s in-seat experience by application type, mapping what passengers are doing on their devices to how network performance affects those activities—and rates the in-seat experience from the passenger’s perspective.

Helping to Ensure a World-Class Experience

The QMap dashboard provides a comprehensive view into user experience data, enabling network service providers and system vendors to quickly ascertain the location of performance issues and resolve them before they impact the customer experience.

Inflight Connectivity Experience Monitoring

Download the QMap for IFC brochure to learn how NetForecast is enabling airlines and suppliers get to the root cause of inflight connectivity issues.

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