NetForecast Extends Network Monitoring to Airport Cellular

Excepts from a recent Runway Girl Network Article (November 19, 2023)

Poor cellular performance can impede ground operations and the pilots’ ability to communicate with internal systems and one another, in turn leading to delays.

That’s why NetForecast — the company known for measuring and assessing network performance at the user level, including on board aircraft — has developed QMap Airport, a simple app that continuously measures network performance in the background whilst collecting real-world data from employees’ digital devices, ensuring that airlines have a clear and accurate performance view.

NetForecast has since fielded tremendous interest in QMap Airport from airlines. In fact, a pre-release version of the app was successfully used by a US-based airline to document service shortcomings and justify switching its cellular provider at a busy airport in the Pacific Northwest, according to NetForecast.

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