NetForecast Launches QMap Rail for Train Operators to Measure Onboard Wi-Fi

The new solution addresses the industry’s ongoing challenge to improve service by providing a tool to measure network performance at the passenger level.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia – March 19, 2024 – NetForecast, the independent provider of internet quality monitoring for the aviation and residential broadband markets, announces the launch of QMap Rail to measure the passenger experience on train Wi-Fi networks, long known to leave plenty of room for improvement.

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Enabling train operating companies (TOCs) to gain insight and actionable data about onboard connectivity, QMap Rail continuously monitors network performance whilst on the move. The proprietary technology allows operators to ensure their service providers are delivering on the connectivity promised by gathering real-time metrics and quickly identifying performance issues.

“For many years, TOCs have been looking for solutions that objectively and independently measure the real quality of service that passengers receive from onboard Wi-Fi,” explains Matt Seaman, Sales Director at NetForecast. “QMap Rail delivers this solution by enabling TOCs to measure network performance down to individual devices, allowing objective measurement of the true passenger experience.”

With QMap Rail, operators can pinpoint trouble spots on various routes to inform decisions on how to improve and better prepare for inevitable demand surges during peak travel times. Using minimal bandwidth, it works in the background on a range of mobile and portable devices.

Aggregating all user experience data, QMap creates a range of informative reports on end-to-end connectivity performance, accessible via a robust dashboard. Additionally, QMap Rail offers operators early-warning alerts through predictive analytics and applies anomaly detection to flag potential issues.

“You can only improve what you measure,” states NetForecast CEO Rebecca Wetzel. “Built on the technology foundations of our successful QMap platform for the aviation industry, our powerful QMap Rail solution will empower train operators to greatly improve passenger satisfaction.”

About NetForecast
At a time when digital connectivity matters more than ever, NetForecast helps its clients ensure the best possible user experience across an increasingly complex ecosystem of network partners. Headquartered in Charlottesville VA, NetForecast leverages proprietary technologies and industry expertise to measure end-to-end broadband performance in the residential and mobility markets. Our work helps network service providers and their customers detect and resolve network performance issues for improved end-user satisfaction and productivity. 

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