QMap Service Monitors the Inflight Wi-Fi Experience
By Adam Gavine
(Excerpts from the July 14, 2021 article)

“The USA’s Department of Transportation has published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would require airlines to refund fees for services that have been paid for by passengers but not adequately delivered, such as significant delays in delivering checked baggage, advance seat selections not being honoured – or inflight connectivity underperforming.

In response NetForecast, a company that can audit internet performance measurement and data usage accuracy, is launching a service to independently and proactively monitor the quality of the inflight wi-fi experience, enabling airlines to identify and correct any performance issues. The service, named QMap, continuously measures the passenger wi-fi experience from personal electronic devices, and reports on end-to-end network experience quality in near real-time…”

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