NetForecast Reveals LEO vs GEO Satellite IFC QoE Performance Data

Excepts from a Runway Girl Network Article (June 25, 2023)

So how does the quality of experience (QoE) of LEO satellite-powered inflight connectivity compare with GEO-supported IFC? NetForecast, which measures and assesses the real end-to-end Internet user experience, including on board aircraft, decided to find out.

‘We’ve now reached critical mass to be able to share our LEO versus GEO quality of experience performance data,’ NetForecast president Rebecca Wetzel told RGN at AIX. ‘This is a passenger experience comparison between the LEO flights, of which we had 62, and 93 GEO flights. The GEO flights are all different airlines and different service providers. It’s a mélange.’

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