Quality matters -know what your passengers are experiencing

ContinuousMonitoring & Results

Know what it’s like to use different smartphone applications over onboard Wi-Fi. Understand the actual application connectivity experience – from gate to gate.


We look past the plane, and all the way back to the source to capture performance metrics, logged by application type.


Know what you’re capable of delivering, and resolve performance issues before they impact the passenger experience.

Enabling airlines and suppliers to monitor passenger’s inflight connectivity experience

Data networks are dynamic systems in which change is the rule, not the exception. The only way to understand the behavior of a complex, ever-changing network, and its impact on the passenger experience is to dynamically and independently monitor it – from the users’ point of view using the applications they use.

We map what passengers are doing on their devices to how network performance affects those activities to give you a comprehensive view into the user’s actual experience (and inevitable frustrations).

Are you delivering to your passengers the level of internet service expected?

Ensure the world-class experience your brand promises. We emulate what passengers are doing on their devices to show how the complex elements that make up that experience impact the user. Real usable information: Are Instagram and email performing at their expected service levels?

We give you a comprehensive view into the user’s actual experience. Quickly find and correct performance issues and troubleshoot them in real-time.

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Leveraging a 20+ year history of measuring the quality and accuracy of Internet services, NetForecast is now applying this expertise to help both airlines and suppliers. This is what we do.

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