You have a great network -but can you prove it?


Broadband service validation that’s not influenced by outlying factors.


Multiple analyses across SK servers, ISPs, regions and states.


Detect network conditions beyond the last mile that could adversely impact FCC MBA test results.

FCC Measuring Broadband America Program Analytics

The FCC Measuring Broadband America (MBA) program is a nationwide performance study of broadband service in the United States. While the MBA reports performance testing on services delivered to the homes of thousands of volunteers, they often miss the root cause of performance issues. That’s because they might not be happening on the service provider’s network.

Set the record straight with independently procured, corroborated data about your network’s true service performance. Continuous internet monitoring that detects network conditions across the entire service pathway – from beginning to end. We provide real-time dashboard alarms and deep insights into on- and off-network conditions.

Know what happened – know why it happened

NetForecast has an existing nationwide grid of network and end-user-based probes and devices that generate and monitor actual network events from the end-user, all the way through to servers located across the country. This comprehensive grid aims to mimic a “whitebox” network and provide insight into events that could improperly affect a Service Provider’s score, as reported to the FCC.

Since 2010, we have tuned and expanded our data scope, analysis, and capabilities. We now test from 800+ source locations via 160+ networks to 19 unique anchor sites in 10 major US Cities. Examining over 10,000,000 network experiences per month, we provide our clients the most accurate 3rd party analysis available. We allow our customers to see when and where events may impact them, and determine their source. It’s what we do.

Because of our approach, NetForecast can also identify, in near real-time, events that are impacting your subscribers; providing enough time for corrective action.

Get to know why some of the largest Internet service providers rely on NetForecast’s external perspective to address an internal issue. We get the facts straight.

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