Rich Evans

President and CEO

President and CEO at NetForecast, Rich has a long history of driving dynamic business results for companies engaged in new technologies, software, and consulting services. Rich has a long tenure of proven leadership, managerial abilities across disciplines, and advanced skills in driving sales initiatives at startups and large corporations. With a special talent to articulate complex concepts into understandable terms, Rich is a natural when partnering with clients to learn their needs, recommend solutions, and build solid long-term relationships. Skilled in leveraging organizational resources/strengths – people, capital, technology, product/service offering, competitive position – Rich delivers strong market, financial, and operational results.

Prior to joining NetForecast, Rich was co-founder of SaaS data analytics company OpenVault and has been a significant growth leader for software firms Redknee (now Optiva), Actix, Openet Telecom Ltd and Portal (now part of Oracle).