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Who needs a CDN?

At-a-glance summary of which businesses benefit most from a CDN

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Planning cloud disaster recovery services and avoiding the pain points

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an up‐and‐coming service that can nicely round out a cloud provider’s product portfolio. DRaaS is a low‐cost alternative to expensive and often unwieldy traditional disaster recovery options. But cloud disaster recovery services are more than just cloud storage; they encompass planning, process, integration, testing and constant vigilance.

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OnApp: With federated cloud, CDN services possible for providers

Few cloud providers want to go head‐to‐head with Amazon. But when it came to cloud CDN
services, executives at cloud software vendor OnApp believe they had one advantage over the
online behemoth: OnApp’s installed base of more than 400 service providers.

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Tier 3: Cloud federation enables providers to expand service footprint

In the last installment of this three‐part tip series on the evolution of cloud
federation, network services expert Rebecca Wetzel explains how Tier 3, an Infrastructure as a
Service (IaaS) provider and cloud‐software vendor, is using cloud federation to enable partner
providers to expand their service footprints without buying or leasing new data center space.

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Better cloud application response time: An overview of partner options

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will eventually become a commodity, but that isn’t necessarily
catastrophic news for cloud providers. They can and should seek higher margins and new
revenue streams by adding managed services that complement a soon‐to‐be‐humdrum cloud
hosting product.

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SpotCloud: Federation unites cloud services broker’s marketplace

Describing itself as a “cloud‐capacity clearinghouse,” SpotCloud entered the cloud federation
market in 2010 as a brokerage service enabling Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers to
federate their resources and sell excess computing capacity to buyers seeking regional cloud
providers for batch jobs.

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Improving cloud computing performance: A path for revenue growth

When customers migrate critical applications to the cloud, they expect cloud computing
performance to be impeccable. Yet when enterprises relinquish ownership of and control over
the underlying infrastructure, it is hard for them to feel confident that applications will perform
well enough to make users productive and happy.

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